Our story begins with a very relaxed Paul, hanging out on the porch, looking dapper. Suprisingly enough, he wasn't as nervous as everyone said that he would be. Probably because he realized that he was just starting his new life, not ending his old one.
This is us being silly. If you'd like the whole story, you'll have to ask Derek. Let's just say that he was a little underdressed for the rehearsal dinner, and we still haven't let him live it down. He's a good sport about it (although, there's no telling how much longer he'll put up with it, with things like this out on the internet.)
You've gotta get to the church somehow! How better than in one of Paul's favorite kinds of cars--the convertible. This is his brother Dave's--how nice of him to actually wash it for the wedding (it's usually not red--more like a tan or a speckled of some sort.)
The Hunter boys and the Erisman boys hanging out before the ceremony. Elliot (Beth's cousin) is on the left, next to her brother, Bob, her dad, Mark, and Elliot's brother Ben.
Here's Mimi (Beth's grandmother) along with her mom, Pam, and her aunt Helen. Not only does Helen pin corsages onto grandmothers, she was also very helpful with any last minute alterations.
This is the proud papa with his friend Craig and Beth's mom's cousin David. They're waiting for the ceremony to start.
Also waiting for the ceremony to get underway is Beth's cousin Mitch, and his wife Sarah. Aren't they just the cutest?
This is the proud papa with David's wife Doris. David and Doris rock. They even paid for Beth's wedding dress (no, not the one that you voted for.)
Then the official pictures started, sometime around 1:30, beginning with the guys. These are the Scovic men. Can you see any sort of resemblence? At least we know what Paul will look like when he's older.
Flash forward to after the ceremony, for the pictures of Beth and Paul together. These are the grandmothers. The one on the left is Paul's Dad's Mom, Margaret (Peg), next to her is Paul's Mom's Mom, Dorothy, and next to Beth is her Mom's Mom, Mimi (Eileen).
You can't have a ceremony without readers! These were the two readers, Tayo and Emily. Tayo is Beth's step-brother, and Emily is Paul's cousin. They did a fabulous job.
See the ring? Yes, Peth is actually married now. It's been a long time in coming, but well worth the wait.
Here's the whole bridal party. Maybe we're biased, but it may be the best looking bridal party you've ever seen. Check out their page if you want to know more about them...
Coming out of the church, everyone blew bubbles on Peth as we got on the party bus. The decision to do bubbles was made by the church, as they wouldn't allow rice or flower petals to be thrown. It worked well anyway, and had a nice effect.
The wedding party climbed on the bus, and headed over to the reception. Champagne was passed out, and consumed in high quantities. This is a picture from the beginning, before Peth got off to take pictures. Notice that it's relatively calm, and everyone is fairly orderly.
Here's us smootching for the camera at Meadowbrook Hall across the street from the church. Aren't we ever so sweet? It's like we just got married or something.
Here's Beth gazing at Paul in his GQ pose. The photographer said that they looked like models, but don't remind them, as they may get big heads.
As we walk back to the limo bus, but have no idea the debauchery and amount of drinking that has been taking place in our absence. We'll find out soon enough...
Here it is--notice that no one is posing, or even cares about the camera. Notice that the only one without a glass is Derek--even Mimi has been partaking! The noise in there was amazing, quite the opposite of the scerenity of the bridge and the garden in the previous pictures.
When we got to the Marriott, we were brought into a side room, where Peth and our parents were treated to a beautiful spread of appetizers and drinks. We waited here until it was time to start the receiving line.
As a surprise, Paul sang with his old acappella group, Vocal Point. They sang "I do" by 98. She seemed to like it.