This is the porch that we had at our overwater bungalow. It was nice to relax or play cards over the water. (Things are just cooler when you're over water.)
This is the view that we had from our porch. The dark part to the left is Bora Bora.
You could see the Sofitel Marara, which was the sister hotel to the Sofitel Motu, from our deck. The ferry would take you back and forth.
This was the view of the mountain on Bora Bora from our deck.
This is Beth and Paul at Bloody Mary's. That's the owner. He would bring you in, in groups of 4-6 and explain all of the catches of the day (the stuff in front of us.) The meal was great, and they even sent a bus over to pick us up at our hotel.
This is us on the ferry boat that took us from the airport to the hotel, and from the hotel on our motu to the hotel on the main island.
This is the view from the top of our motu. I combined 8 pictures that I took from the top of the hill. The island you see is actually the main island of Bora Bora.
Here's our tour guide feeding the sting rays. They would come right up to you, but were very docile, unless you stepped on them or touched their tails (no one did.)
Here's a girl that we met on the tour. She and her husband were also on their honeymoon, so we got to exchange stories. We ended up having lunch with them that day.
This is Mark, Laura Ann's husband. They were from Alabama, and were very cool.
This is the deck that connected all of the bungalows together. It was our view from our porch.
This is Paul, standing in the middle of the lagoon. We were on our shark & sting ray excursion, and we stopped off to go swimming. Can you tell what day of the trip this was? (Hint: note the pastiness of the chest)
Here's Paul, getting some sun. That was an extension off of our porch.
The scenery was just okay, but we got by. This is a panoramic shot of the mountain on Bora Bora.