Click here to see Dave with a mullett David Donnelly
Friend of Paul
Miami University Sports Medicine
Dave works for Miami University as the head trainer for the basketball team and the women's soccer team. He is the assistant trainer for the football team, and for the sports program as a whole.

Dave lives in Oxford, OH, where his hobbies include working, playing basketball and roller hockey, working, and going out with friends (did I mention working?) After adding up all of the hours that Dave spends working, he probably makes about 37 cents an hour.

Dave with his sister Cristy This is Dave with his sister Cristy, obviously on a day when they were getting along. That wasn't always the case, but hopefully they've both grown out of that stage.

I've known Dave since we painted together with ESP painting, and that was about 8 years ago. Even though he spent most of his time tormenting me, and making me get up from my daily after-lunch nap, he's still a good guy and a good friend.