Derek Meinecke
Friend of Paul
Lionel Hutz - Law Talkin' Guy
Derek is an assistant prosecutor at the Oakland County prosecutor's office. He passed the bar exam, so he's officially a "law talkin' guy". He also has a smart mouth, which got him into a little trouble in high school. Ask him about getting his books thrown into the hall by a teacher.

He bought a house in West Madison Heights, MI, and is married to Mandy, who is way too good for him. We're still not sure how he snatched her up. They've been married for almost 21 years now, so she must actually like him. Ah, the wonders of nature. They also have a son named Drew, who's very cool, and seems to like Paul.

Derek's hobbies include playing basketball and golf. He's a pretty good golfer, (if you compare him to Craig.)

I've known Derek since the 9th grade when we played baseball together. (RARA rules!) We kept in touch while he was at Northwestern, and then beyond that when I moved away to Columbus. He's a great guy who would do anything for you (he even managed to come to Columbus for a visit, although it was mostly to go to the OSU/Michigan game.)