David Scovic
Best Man
Brother of Paul
SA Plan Services
Dave has a daughter! Her name is Molly Bethea and she's very cute. Now, if he can just learn to share, her godfather (Paul) can actually get to hold her for longer than a few minutes.

Dave works for Securities America. He and his dad (Jim) started a retirement plan administration business out of Jim's house, called SA Plan services.

He is married to a girl also named Beth. I don't know if they've turned into "Deth" yet, although that may not be the best choice for them--maybe we should go with "Bave". They live in Oxford, MI.

Dave's hobbies include coaching at Kingsbury School, and playing sports. As far as golf goes, he's good at basketball, but as far as basketball...well, I should probably stop now.

Dave is the best brother I've ever had, and was always a mentor to me growing up. Even now, he still gives me pointers--maybe someday I'll even listen.