Carol Erisman
Sister-in-law of Beth
Carol is now playing Mrs. Mom, at home, with baby Parker James. He was born on 1-5 at 7:10 and weighed 7lbs, 11oz. (I see his lucky number as 1 or 7, but I'm no astrologist. I guess it could be 5 too, but probably not.)

She is married to Beth's brother Bob. They got married in Las Vegas, and currently live in Troy, OH.
This is mom with baby Parker. Isn't he cute? Notice that she's no longer green either. (You'll have to ask for that picture--I was given strict instructions to keep it off the site.)

Carol's hobbies include shopping and yelling at Bob (and Paul, once she reads this.)

Carol and Beth have been friends for many years now. Beth was in Carol's wedding, and Beth was more than glad to return the favor and include Carol in hers.
Carol and Parker