Alright, this is going to be the last time I update the "Progress" page, at least for a while. Since the last post, I put up curtains in the office, soft room, master bedroom and over the tub. I painted the dining room table a light green (pretty subtle, about the same shade as the rest of the house.) We got a dining room table, but it hasn't been delivered yet. We also just got a karaoke machine, which is set up in the loft. If you want to hear that story, you're going to have to ask. I put up pictures in the office, great room, and the extra bathrooms. Mostly, from here on out, it's going to be accessories, not major changes. Thanks for reading...
I mowed the lawn for the second time today. It's starting to lose its appeal, although it's still alright, as it's my lawn. I used my cool new mower that starts with the press of a button. If you come and visit, I might let you mow part of the lawn. We also have a driveway now, so there's not a 6 inch drop as we're backing out of the garage--glad it's a lease. Maybe if we get off of our butts, we'll actually get some new pictures up. (Or you could always come and see it in person...)
We're in! Everything went super smoothly in the move. Thanks to Bob & Carol, Mark, Jim and Sheila for all of their help. Thanks to Beth's anality (that's a word, trust me,) we had cable, phone, electricity and gas on either the first or second day. We also had all of our furniture delivered. I've been a building maniac, putting together a desk chair, a file cabinet, a book shelf, a kitchen table, installing the surround sound speakers (a long story if you'd like to hear it) and even installed two dimmer switches. Remember when I said that we were having issues with Capital Lighting? Well, now they think that we're making things up, so those issues continue. Look for a "Why I Hate Capital Lighting" section, coming soon. Other than that, a near Survivor miss on Thursday, and the fact that the landscaping people took down our coach lights, everything is great. Please come and visit us--we don't have any money left to come and see you!
Well, we close tomorrow, so I'm packing up the computer. Hopefully moving won't be too bad, so I can keep you updated on how things are going. They still have to do some minor touch-up things, but nothing major. Closing should go off without a hitch, but I guess you never know...wish us luck!
We had our walk-through on Friday. Other than a lot of drywall/painting touch ups, it went well. They still haven't fixed the fan blades or the lights in the bathroom, but if that's the only thing wrong when we move in, I'll be okay with it. Only three more days until closing.
We went out yesterday and they had put the sidewalk in. We still don't have a driveway, but at least we have the sidewalk, right? When I walked in I discovered that we had appliances. They look really sharp, and they all seem to work. The fridge doesn't make ice yet, but I don't think they've hooked up the water to it yet. Today, they painted the front door black. They also did some painting touch ups.
We have carpet!!! We both went out after work today, and they had laid almost all of the carpet. It looks really good--a little lighter than I remembered, but still good. They also finished up the painting this morning. Only 4 more days until our walk-through...
We went out tonight, and they had put up all of the shelves in the closets. We also have running water--very exciting. They even put up the garage door opener. It looked like they had swept all of the floors, so my guess is that they're planning on putting the carpet in next. Apparently they're okay with painting with the most inefficient method ever.
Apparently they're going to paint after we move in. Beth went out today and said that the toilets are in and they work. They put in all of the faucets and handles yesterday. Only two more weeks to go...
Yeah, what do I know? They still haven't painted. Watch, they'll probably save that for last, just so I look silly predicting. They did put in the counter tops for all of the bathrooms and the kitchen, and they also put in all of the sinks, but there's no water just yet. The doorknobs and all of the other door hardware are in as well.
They uncovered the windows and the banister, but they haven't finished painting the walls yet. The railing looks really nice. They also put the doors back up, and cemented the front porch. I'm guessing that painting is their next step, but the toilets are in the garage, so maybe that's next. What do I know? (That's probably why we're paying someone to do this rather than doing it ourselves.)
They put the tile down yesterday, and grouted it today. It looks nice. It's starting to look like a finished product. The tile we got is white-ish with some speckles on it so we won't have to mop or sweep ever. Pay no attention to that stuff on the bottom of your feet...
Well, I figured out why they taped everything--they sprayed. As a painting purist I had to scoff, but they sprayed like the wind and got it all done in a day, so I can't complain too much. They did manage to spray pretty much everything in the vicinity, so they have to come and repaint the walls. This is exactly why ESP Painting recommends using brushes and rollers. I'm sure it'll look fine when they're done, but all told, I'm thinking that Craig could've done the whole job in about the same time. Oh, who am I kidding? Only Dave or John can paint that fast...
We have lights! Every bathroom, every hallway, even the hanging lights in the foyer, and over the tables, are in. They all work. The only problem is that I asked for brass lights in the bathrooms, and they gave me silver. I also asked for natural color wood fan blades for the two ceiling fans, but they gave me the standard, which is a darker brown wood. They'll be fixing those.
We actually went out yesterday and the had stained the top of the railing, and it looked like they had primed the trim. Today, we went out and apparently they're expecting monkeys to paint it (either that or a traditional paint bomb) because they taped everything anywhere near any piece of trim. I guess a days worth of taping is worth the effort, but being old school painter, I can't really see how.
Sick as I am, Beth made me go out to the house today and check it out. They put up all of the railing, and all of the cabinet knobs. There was a guy in sweeping, and he told me that they'd be painting the trim until Friday, when we'd get our lights. We also found out that we close on March 29th--apparently 45 days in advance means different things to different people.
The cabinets are up in the kitchen. It actually looks like a kitchen now. They also did almost all of the trim around the windows, and they even put up all of the doors. Check out the pictures here.
They painted our walls today! Being the anal painter that I am, I found some spots that Craig had probably done (that's an ESP joke) but since they did the whole thing in a day, I can't complain too much. They also installed the bathroom cabinets, and put the other cabinets in their respective rooms. All of the trim is lying in the great room, so I can only assume that that's next to go up.
As I walked through our dark garage to open the door for Beth, I ran head first into a box. I guess I shouldn't be too disappointed, as those are our cabinets. The doors and trim was also in the garage, so I'm sure that'll go up pretty soon. It didn't look like they had done anything, until we got to the upstairs bathrooms and found that they had tiled both showers and the tub. It looks good. On our way out, we met Ty's wife Annie, and Ty helped me figure out how to lock the garage door. I have a feeling that I'm going to be visiting him more than once about maintenance issues.
Beth and I walked in the garage and saw a pile of bricks. We thought they were left over from the outside, but as we walked in, we saw that they had actually put up our fireplace! They also finished all of the ceilings, and it looks really good. We went to the other Pembrooke on our cul-de-sac to see how it was coming along and to see what the next step was, and we totally got busted by our new neighbors. We met two sets of them--Bob and Lisa, with their daughters Bailey and Abby, and Ty who has two sons, George and Ethan.
I walked into a sauna bath today--I guess that means we have heat. I'm just glad I'm not paying for it (at least not now.) It looks like they're pretty much done with the mudding and sanding, but I'm no drywaller. They said we'd hear about closing when the drywalling is done, so any time now...
Beth, Elliot, Luke and Mike went out today, and not only were they done with putting up all of the drywall, but they were almost completely done putting up the brick on the outside! Other than putting up the light fixtures, the outside looks like it will when it's finished.
There were two guys out working today, and they put up about half of the drywall boards. It's really starting to look like the inside of a house.
Beth went out and said that they had almost finished with the insulation. I talked to our supervisor on the phone, and he said that they'd be delivering the drywall on Monday. We should have drywall by the end of the week!
We have some insulation now! It's amazing how much a little insulation can keep the house warmer and quieter. (That may not be a word, but go with me.)
We went out yesterday, and discovered that the basement floor was solid enough to walk on, and the heater is already down there. They also put all of the phone and cable jacks in. The next step should be insulation...
Tonight, we went out, and the siding is almost finished. It looks really good, but there are some random spots that he just decided that he didn't feel like doing. Maybe tomorrow. The surround sound wiring is in, and they poured the basement floor as well. It's looking like finishing in March isn't so far-fetched anymore.
I think the guy must have forgotten his scaffolding today, because he did about 6 feet of siding all around. He finished the East side, and must have gone to get his scaffolding after lunch, as it looks like he got a good start on the top part of the back. We also have gravel in our basement now, so it looks more like a basement and less like an ice rink.
We went out today, and there was a guy putting siding on our house. I have no idea how much he got done today, but it looks good so far.
Beth went out last night, and I believe the quote she used was "there are wires all over the place." I hope that means that they're in the walls and not just spewing out from the floor, but maybe I should go check, just in case.
I checked last night, and not only did they install the whirlpool tub and all of its parts, but there's a garage door now too!
The tub in the extra bathroom and the shower floor is in, along with all of the plumbing for the whole house. They also put in the skylight, so now it's not snowing into my tub.
We have ventilation now. They put in all of the heating/cooling ducts.
They put the windows in today. The frame is totally done. It looks like a house now. Granted, it's only a shell of a house, but it's a house.
The frame is almost done. They have a bit left, and then they're going to put in the windows. I went out tonight and there were 5 guys sitting around a fire drinking. I'm assuming they started drinking after they were done for the day, but you know what happens when you assume... Well, at least there aren't any walls that are upside down or anything.
There are rooms on the second floor, but there's no ceiling. Is that something we need?
Walls are up on the second floor. No rooms, but at least we have walls.
The first floor has a ceiling, which means that the second floor also has a floor. There are no walls, but at least there's a floor.
We have rooms! Well, at least on the first floor.
They finished the exterior walls for the first floor. There are no rooms, but at least there are walls.
They did the entire first floor of framing today. Now, the basement looks more like a bunker than a house. It's basically a floor with a garage frame.
They started framing today. We have the beginnings of a garage.
We have a basement! Over the past week, they turned the hole into something that resembles the start of a house. It has insulation on the outside and everything.
Meeting with Capital Lighting to pick out all of our lights, and I mean ALL of them. Beth was still sick from her surgery yesterday, so I got to do it all by myself. I think I did pretty well...
Okay, they took away the dirt. Now, it's just a hole. We own less today than we did yesterday. Oh well, maybe they'll build a house on it.
They dug today! We have a hole! Fortunately, we also still have all of the dirt too. We own a big hole, surrounded by big piles of dirt.
Meeting with Dana, our mortgage guy, to determine if we could actually afford this. I'd go with "no", but he went with "yes", so we're getting it. Whatever you do, don't look at how much you actually pay over the life of a 30 year mortgage...
Meeting with the design studio to pick out...well, everything. We had to pick everything from siding color to carpet color to what kind of knobs we wanted on our cabinets (which are extra, by the way--everything's an upgrade.)
Another meeting with Christine Miller, our sales rep, to finalize all of our options.
We were just going to go in and see what kind of house we could afford, but we all know how much of a sucker/impulse buyer that I am, so we walked out with a house. We're getting a Pembrook in Summerfield Village.